What is Aguakinesis?

Aguakinesis is a multimedia scientific and arts project inaugurated in  2018 and exhibited in various locations during 2019.

It is composed by many performances created from many people. We work with personal stories that have been reinterpreted by other team members to create new pieces of art. We use image, sound and movement in different forms to transmit our emotions about water stories.

Our pieces are created in a three-part-process: One member of the team tells a personal story about water. Then, a second member of the team reinterprets it in their own way. Finally, a third member of the team use the first reinterpretation and reinterprets it as well. That results in three different forms of telling the same story.

Our work is amplified by collaborative workshops in universities in Colombia and Mexico as well as the USA, and an ongoing collaborative project with the Mexican NGO, Cántaro azul.

In our exhibition you will find pictures, music, sound, dance, theater, improvisation and more! it’s an evolving circle with the potential to continue growing in many ways.